Wedding Photography

wedding photographer Jacksonville FLFacing the darkness in any reception room is always challenging. It’s because you can’t just ask them to turn on the light or bath the room in all your artificial lighting. Moreover, there are a lot of people crowding in, especially during the first dance of the married couple.

What should you do to prepare for this battle? What can a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL do in the room to make sure that you can get a nice, clear shot of the couple dancing in love? Knowing the secret behind this will change how you shoot forever and increase the value of your pictures for your customers.

Prepare to win it

Plan to prepare to win this battle. You know that the room is going to be dark and you know where the room is. So, if you are already informed where the battlefield is and how it’s going to turn out, you can prepare for it. Set aside a time on the day to visit the reception hall. Find out how the lighting is going to look like and where you can place your lights at.

When everybody is already crowding in the room, it’s impossible to carry around gears and placing them in the darkness. So, do this before lots of people arrive. Try to set up a camera on the other side of where you shoot. This will allow you to take multiple angle pictures of the scene.

You have to set it carefully and be sure that the angle is right to capture the moment. is the site of a professional wedding photographer Jacksonville FL who does this on her every job.

Increase light exposure

When people think that flash fixes all problem with dark rooms, they’re so wrong. Black hole or dark shadows can awfully appear as the background gets covered by the silhouettes of the objects in front.

Increasing light exposure can fix this. Exposure allows light to fill in the frame equally. It lets the shutter to capture the scene when light falls on them. However, differentiate this with making things brighter. You need brighter flash if you want to brighten things up because exposure only helps to spread the light.

However, you will need to give it a few tries because longer exposure means that you cannot move. It also means your subjects should not be moving too much or too quick.

Use light diffuser

Snapping flash in front of people’s face is rude. Therefore, you shouldn’t flash. That’s not right. Then, how are you supposed to shoot there?

Use light diffuser whenever you think that your flash is too bright and you only want to cast a brighter layer on your subjects. Change intermittently with your flash and suit the condition of the room’s lighting.

When the range is too far, you’d want to turn on your flash. So, the light can reach even far away objects and light them up to be visible in the frame.

Remember to be creative as a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL. Don’t be stuck on how to make things bright. There are a lot of different ways to capture beautiful wedding pictures aside from lighting things up.

General Photography

Surrey photo booth hireThere are a lot of situations that can lead to this. Maybe your Surrey photo booth hire has failed to show up. Maybe they canceled the contract hours the day before your wedding. What should you do then?

Below, we’ve provided some quick idea you can use to create your own photo booth. Although they won’t function perfectly like a photo booth does, they do shouts out a creative mood and still spread the fun of a photo booth!

And without wasting your time, here you go!

iPad Photo booth

This is one the easiest idea to go. Find yourself a nice spot around the wedding venue. You know, that gorgeous tree on the background, or splendid view as the backdrop.

Next, prop a table or a banner to put your iPad on. Set it in camera mode with Wi-Fi directly connecting it to the wedding hall. You definitely want to keep this thing charged and have someone else keep an eye on it.

Now, the connection will let the pictures to directly show up on the computer in the wedding hall. You can then set the pictures to be shown as slideshows as the guests wait for the party to start at the designated time.

You can prepare some unique scarfs or accessories as props. As I’ve mentioned before, have someone watch over the ‘photo booth’ location.

Find a more reliable Surrey photo booth to hire

You can never go wrong with Surrey photo booth hire at They provide high-quality pictures from high-quality booths that appear with style. No matter the theme of your party, they’ll come to make it even more rocking than ever.

Frame booth

If you cannot create a booth, then make some frames! You can use real frames that are hung down from trees if you like it outdoor or standing if you want. There are a lot of unique frames you can use, and for the camera, you use the iPad idea or get a second shooter to cover for the booth.

Minivan photo booth

Another creative idea is to use a minivan to shoot it. Imagine that van as a photo booth and start decorating like crazy. There are a lot of ideas you can find on the internet and many of them are quick and easy to do.

For the pictures, you can use the iPad idea again and have it connected to the slideshows. You can also tell the guests that if they want the pictures, you can send the file to them.

Wall of good wishes

What about using congratulations messages as the background? Put up a black wall and provide chalk for the guests to write with. As more people come, the wall will become even more decorated with happy wishes and lovely encouragement for you to begin your new life!

You don’t like black and white? Then go with a while wall instead and let them write in colorful markers on the wall! There are a lot of variety and design you can play with this one if your Surrey photo booth hire doesn’t show up.

We really hope that your photo booth will show up and that everything will go as planned, but just in case, you know, a backup will never hurt!

General Photography

newborn photographer BournemouthYou’re probably in the middle of it. You got your memory card dumped in the washing machine and it went through a full round of washing your pants, underwear, and other laundries.

After 5 minutes rummaging through it, you found it: the long-lost (probably just an hour) memory card. Now, what am I to do? Do I wipe it? Do I let it dry? Do I use a hair dryer to fasten the process? What about my pictures? Are they gone? Are they corrupted? Do I have a chance to retrieve them?

Now, relax. Chill. It might not be as bad as you thought it is. Heck, most photographers got out of this situation feeling enlightened by the fact that water is not exactly the ultimate enemy of memory cards. After reading this, we hope that every newborn photographer Bournemouth can find peace.

They’re solid; water doesn’t exactly screw them

You’ve probably seen or experienced for yourself what happens when your gadgets were dipped or had water seeped into them. They start going haywire and repairing them sometimes don’t fix everything. I know firsthand how it was. But, happy to note that I also had my memory card in that phone.

So, did everything go wrong?

My family were experienced

Well, my memory card was totally okay. It’s been jumping through numerous phones and still functions well. For, one, the water seeped into the gadget but not on my memory card (probably).

Let’s move on to a more believable case. My brother was doing his thing in the toilet and was playing with his phone until he accidentally dropped it in a bucket full of water. The end. So, obviously, every inch of the phone was filled with water, including the memory card. So, what about the files inside it.

He immediately removed the parts, salvaged the memory card, and brought the phone to the store to be fixed. In all seriousness, all he did was wiping the memory card clean and after a close inspection (that it’s not wet anymore), he used it again the next day (after getting a new phone, because he’s a businessman with calls constantly coming in).

Does not mean you should let it dump in water

Memory cards are not totally waterproof. Just like how ‘waterproof’ phones have their limits, the same goes with a memory card. A long time in the water and damp condition may cause the static electric on the golden lines to go haywire.

Remember to also wipe the memory card (not with hair dryer, please) clean. Leave it for at least a few hours to a day before plugging it back.

Also, it is important to remember that memory cards are easily lost (even in the washing machine, yes, there are people who after a 5-minute search, couldn’t find the memory card sitting at the base of the tub). So, always put it in the case after use. Always. No matter how lazy you are to find it, do this. Especially for a newborn photographer Bournemouth, it is not worth the risk.

Have an app that helps retrieve corrupted files

Most photographers wait till something serious comes up to find the software or app. Better to have it at your disposal by now, don’t wait till the pressure comes.