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Wedding on the horizon?

wedding photographer DublinYou definitely have a lot of planning to do with one of the major requirements being having all the right wedding vendors in place. You need to select a suitable location that can be transformed into a notable wonderland for your special day. You also need the help of an expert florist to get the floral arrangements right and ensure that your bouquet comprises of your preferred flowers. Let’s also not forget the fact that your guests need to be entertained with food and drinks and would you prefer a live band or a DJ.

There are definitely a lot of things which need to go into planning a wedding but with all the things you are trying to arrange, don’t you think there is something important you are forgetting? That is right! You need the help of an expert wedding photographer Dublin in ensuring that all the memories of your special day actually get captured.

You will be heavily involved in ensuring that you live in the moment of your special day and that means you may not be aware of everything that goes down on that day. However, hiring a wedding photographer takes care of this. But that depends on if you hire the right person. The following are steps you should take in ensuring that the individual who you select is actually trustworthy and someone that can deliver effectively.

  • Background Check

When we say background check, we aren’t referring to any FBI kind of search. In terms of background check, we mean crosschecking, referrals, references, feedback, previous clients and any claims the photographer might have. It may shock you to know that there are a lot of photographers on the internet who claim to be what they are not. A lot of individuals have fallen for the scams and lies of the so-called photographers and regretted the fact that they failed to perform a thorough search.

If you go to the site of a wedding photographer Dublin and you see that there are testimonials from “previous clients”, take it a step further and research whether these individuals are real human beings. The good thing is that we live in the digital age and if you need information, you can just browse the internet or social media sites and something is likely to come up.

  • Set up a meeting

Never ever conclude on hiring a photographer without meeting them in person. The impression a person can give over the phone or via email is totally different from how they might be when you interact with them in person. So, make sure when you get a photographer who seems interesting, you set up a meeting to get a proper feel of their personality.

It is important that during this meeting, both you and the photographer are able to understand each other. If you are not, then this may very well be an indication that a partnership between both of you might not be the right step.

Check out for more on how to choose a wedding photographer Dublin.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography YorkshireThere can be many reasons for pictures in wedding to fail. Many of them serve as entertainment, but for the couples who are preparing for their own wedding, this serves as a warning that it can happen to them as well!

These are the 5 common mistakes that people don’t realize will ruin their wedding pictures. Make sure to read this before booking your wedding photography Yorkshire!

1. Forcing yourself

We all want to look good in our own wedding. It’s going to be a day remembered for the rest of our life and you will also be taking pictures during it. The picture is going to be kept for a very long time, the only one of its kind. And because of that, you thought that maybe, forcing yourself to wear something that you know won’t fit is worth it.

You thought that beauty is a pain. No, beauty won’t be just pain in this case. It will result in stress and maybe even embarrassment! You can trip on your own shoes. You can start suffocating because of your tight corset. You may collapse from the excessive diet you went through.

2. Demanding the impossible

Even the most professional vendor is still a human being. You need to understand their limits before you hire them and sign it only if you understand it. We get it that you can get worried over every single thing and that is absolutely normal. What you should do is to then cast the doubt away and start looking at things in a more objective way.

Discuss things with the vendors on what they will, what they can do about your requests, etc. Let the communication happen between all of you before the wedding day. Plan things properly. Such as, when you book for wedding photography Yorkshire and you want only the best, hire someone like Boho Chic Weddings. You won’t be bothered too much because this person is professional for this job.

3. Postponing things

This is one of the most common mistakes that we all seem to be doing all the time. Our daily life schedule is too tight to take care of those things and we thought that we will have time for it later.

Someday later.

Which might not happen at all, unless you sit down with your partner, take a day of leave for it if necessary and talk about the important things that you need to start preparing. Venue, date & time, a number of guests, budget, the souvenir, etc. All those things won’t be finished on their own and that is also why people take years to prepare a wedding. You’ll lose your chance of getting a professional photographer.

4. Capacity of place

Is the location meant to hold that many people on it? We have seen many videos showing the bride, groom as well as the bridesmaid and groomsmen falling into water from standing on a dilapidated bridge. It certainly ruins the day! Get your photographer for your wedding photography Yorkshire to check if the place is safe to use or ask the venue owner yourself.

5. Not being confident

It’s your day! Show some smiles, be yourself, enjoy the day. Don’t be stressed from all the preps that you’ve done. You have done so much because you wanted to enjoy your wedding, didn’t you?

Wedding Photography

documentary wedding photographyWhat kind of wedding pictures do you want to get? Every couple will answer pretty much the same way: a professional, memorable, beautiful wedding picture. We all want the best for that event that will never happen again. We want to give our all to it and we wish our vendors to do the same!

This is just an intro into how a professional documentary wedding photography will be the best choice for you. Let’s dive into why you should get one yourself!

1. Professional pictures

The pictures that you get from a professional wedding photographer is done with skills. A photographer is in charge of not just taking the pictures, but also to edit the pictures, prepare everything else that you will be provided with at the end of the day.

But with the skill to take the pictures alone, we know how non-professional can really ruin the beautiful moments. A photographer has to be prepared and experienced to be able to capture things from the right angle and to look natural. It’s all about skills to take pictures without disturbing other guests, keeping the clients comfortable and not miss a thing in the process.

2. Trusted people

Some couples think that it will be worth to save their money to hire someone cheaper for the job. They will probably still get their pictures and it’s probably because you never know if the photographer will actually be responsible for the job. The fact is that cheap photographers are often beginners and have little to no experience in wedding photography.

Unlike professionals like, if you had hired a professional documentary wedding photography, it’s guaranteed. A professional won’t walk away from a job that he has been entrusted with and has a contract to bind them most of the time.

The last thing you need for wedding photography is a photographer that fails to show up in time. The whole show cannot wait for the photographer to arrive and take the pictures. He has to be there before the show starts and ensure that all the pictures are captured. The photographer is also responsible for planning the day and captures everything in the show.

3. Helps with preparation

A professional knows how much couple has to do to prepare for the day. From helping the couple with what they should prepare, to advising them how to do things in a wedding. As someone who has been to more wedding than most people, a professional wedding photographer has seen more than successful weddings.

They know firsthand what could possibly end up in the worst wedding picture of the year. And they can help you avoid being a candidate.

4. Risk-free

If you get someone who has been working on the job for years, it will be obviously easier to deal with for that person. You don’t need to worry about paying for a documentary wedding photography service and end up with some traditional wedding pictures instead. The photographer will surely work his best to deliver a service that is worth it.

Wedding Photography

San Francisco wedding photographerIt doesn’t make a lot of sense. Photography in itself is a visual art. For people to appreciate what you do, they need to see what you do.

In today’s world, having an online portfolio that showcases your talent, skills, new jobs you just completed (provided the client agrees to publishing), and clients’ reviews is imperative for various reasons. Moreover, if you are in a place like San Francisco, as a wedding photographer, a website depicting you as a San Francisco wedding photographer is needed if you want to outdo competitors.

Here are the top 6 reasons:

Cheap. Easy.

It is cheap and very easy to have a website. Within minutes, you can easily set up a functional website for your business at a cheap cost. You don’t even need to have previous experience. there are lots of “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” website building platforms out there and a quick search-and-read on google will give you all the help you need.

So, if you do not want to have a website, then you can be called a “lazy” photographer, right? And you don’t want clients thinking you are lazy.

It is Responsible

If that is not enough, then you should know that everyone expects you to have an online portfolio. Your photography is your venture, your business. And businesses with an online presence are seen to be more responsible and more trustworthy.

The number one rule when trying to attract clients is simply to make them trust you. A functional website will do more than that.

This San Francisco wedding photographer online portfolio at is exemplary of why you should have a functional website. You can see the level of trust clients place in her.

You have your space

Your website can be your online office. It can be your personal assistant too. You can easily manage your calendar and clients will be aware of your schedule. It makes scheduling and booking a lot easier. You can easily integrate scheduling software and tools.

That way clients do not need to wait for business hours before they give you a call or send an email. It is simply done when they visit your website and book you. Then, you contact them and complete the deal.

More revenue

Your website is not just for photography and displaying good works. You can easily make money while doing what you love also.

You can advertise and get paid for it. Though you should be careful so that you don’t let ads overwhelm your website.

Then you can sell your photographs and works too. A website gives you your own space and you have the opportunity to be “seen without competitors”. E-commerce is the business of the day and getting your share in the photography industry is not a bad choice. Simply get a website.

Expanded reach

This is very important especially if the next reason is something you need. Having website upgrades your status from “the local neighbourhood photographer” to “that internationally recognized photographer”. that sort of a thing.

When you get a website, more people all over the world see your work and you are already building an army of clients for yourself that way.


Clients will generally feel more comfortable with brand. It is why people love Adidas, Nike, Apple and Johnson & Johnson. These are brands that have made a name for themselves.

It is not different from your photography. You want to have a brand that you will be associated with. A website is the vey first step to branding your business.

So, whether you are a San Francisco wedding photographer or anywhere else in the world, ensure you have an online presence.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography YorkshireThere are certain things that work in a way we don’t understand. Or rather, we don’t have time to understand. We just think that’s how things are since that seems to be what most people believe. But such notion is unacceptable for a professional, given that you have to handle files properly and know what to do if something happens.

For example, can you still use a memory card that got dipped into the water for a few hours? What will you do if this happens? These are busted myths of wedding photography Yorkshire.

Wet memory cards aren’t usable

The memory card is of solid material. Its memory is also solid and requires a reader to function. Thus, getting it wet isn’t going to do a thing to the card. As long as you dry the card before using, you’ll be able to read the files just fine.

It’s true that there are some people only knew this after going through the actual incident. But without having to do that, you can be sure that it’ll work after knowing this fact. No need to fret or give up too quick or even be too worried to plug it in (in fear of ruining the computer or card reader, but this is also unfounded).

Memory cards can be used in multiple cameras

Theoretically, yes, memory cards can be plugged in multiple cameras, but I wouldn’t do that and neither should you. Especially if the cameras are of different brands, you’ll potentially screw yourself over this because the files get corrupted easily like this.

A wedding photography Yorkshire provider, helps explain this.

Each manufacturer will create a different pathway in the memory card. Assuming that the memory card is only used in that camera, whenever you take pictures, it will be written in the same place. But if a different pathway is created, it’ll overlap and potentially tries to screw the other one. The more cameras you plug it in, the bigger are the chances that all the pictures cannot be read.

Insurance isn’t mandatory

Well, there’s definitely no regulation saying that if you want to become a wedding photographer, you have to take out an insurance. But it’s definitely something that’s similar to if you want to become a professional and committed, you might as well see insurance as something that’s bundled together. Insurance is a safety measure for you, wedding venue owners and your clients.

Insurance can protect us all from damages, loss and cover the necessary cost to keep the photography business running. Most companies will allow you a certain number of claim within a range of years. Clients also want to make sure that their wedding photographer is pretty dedicated enough to have a ‘safety net’ themselves.

Professional needs to have the newest camera

This isn’t true. As long as your camera is decent enough to show a great quality picture in the printed version. This is equal to Canon Mark III. However, it’s going to be a great thing if you can afford a newer model.

High-quality equipment is a must, but it’s not the same as buying the new latest version everytime it comes out. As long as it’s good enough and you can get yourself comfortable with using it, that’s it. That’s all you need to become a professional in wedding photography Yorkshire.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographers PortsmouthWe know a lot of you people want to find a professional for your wedding pictures. It’s important that the person responsible is skillful and knows what he’s doing. Ceremony and reception pictures cannot be practiced to perfection; it’s up to the photographer to time it and gets the best shot while he can.

But how do you spot these capable people? From the many wedding photographers Portsmouth out there, you still have to choose one that suits your preference as well.

Makes himself available

The first thing about a photographer is that he’s a person that will always try to make time to meet you. He’ll arrange a time so the first discussion is going to happen soon, even if they’re not yet sure if you’ll sign the contract with them. He’ll also put up his contact information up on his site and will promptly reply to emails.

Shows confidence as a photographer

In the field of photography, they have to act like they’re the best and wants you to know that they know a lot. They can help you with whatever problems that are related to photography. They’ll even be happy to give suggestions on how to make sure the decoration of your wedding is going to be beautiful and supports you to get the wedding pictures you want.

This should be visible in how they answer your questions and concerns. They shouldn’t be doubtful or stutter too much when talking to you. Confidence is also the result of years of training and work, so this is usually common in veterans and experienced photographers.

Remarkable portfolios

Another thing that should exist in these photographers is their portfolios. We’d like to suggest you a site to show what can be categorized as remarkable portfolios of wedding photographers Portsmouth here:

These pictures are proofs that he’s worked with a lot of clients on a lot of venue and wedding locations. It gives him a lot of chances to build up his experience and you can see from the portfolios that he’s done great. Such aren’t things that can be gained from a single work or even formal educations. These proofs are what make them very valued because it can only be gained with time.

Willingness to negotiate

No couples are the same. Some of us want to have a single wedding album, but full-day service of our photographer. Others can go with half-day service but need to have 2 additional mini-albums to be printed for their parents. Our needs and wants and different and we wish that our photographer can cater to it.

We don’t want to waste our resources on things that we don’t see necessary. Some of us think the full coverage is important, others think they should save as much on hours spent and focus on just one event of the day. The ability to personalize with your wedding photographer is a key here.

Most wedding photographers Portsmouth have already priced certain packages with fixed hours, albums, and pictures. But such shouldn’t be a problem because clients still let the photographers decide on the price. It’s just that you want to know that the money is well spent on what you really consider as important.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer Jacksonville FLFacing the darkness in any reception room is always challenging. It’s because you can’t just ask them to turn on the light or bath the room in all your artificial lighting. Moreover, there are a lot of people crowding in, especially during the first dance of the married couple.

What should you do to prepare for this battle? What can a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL do in the room to make sure that you can get a nice, clear shot of the couple dancing in love? Knowing the secret behind this will change how you shoot forever and increase the value of your pictures for your customers.

Prepare to win it

Plan to prepare to win this battle. You know that the room is going to be dark and you know where the room is. So, if you are already informed where the battlefield is and how it’s going to turn out, you can prepare for it. Set aside a time on the day to visit the reception hall. Find out how the lighting is going to look like and where you can place your lights at.

When everybody is already crowding in the room, it’s impossible to carry around gears and placing them in the darkness. So, do this before lots of people arrive. Try to set up a camera on the other side of where you shoot. This will allow you to take multiple angle pictures of the scene.

You have to set it carefully and be sure that the angle is right to capture the moment. is the site of a professional wedding photographer Jacksonville FL who does this on her every job.

Increase light exposure

When people think that flash fixes all problem with dark rooms, they’re so wrong. Black hole or dark shadows can awfully appear as the background gets covered by the silhouettes of the objects in front.

Increasing light exposure can fix this. Exposure allows light to fill in the frame equally. It lets the shutter to capture the scene when light falls on them. However, differentiate this with making things brighter. You need brighter flash if you want to brighten things up because exposure only helps to spread the light.

However, you will need to give it a few tries because longer exposure means that you cannot move. It also means your subjects should not be moving too much or too quick.

Use light diffuser

Snapping flash in front of people’s face is rude. Therefore, you shouldn’t flash. That’s not right. Then, how are you supposed to shoot there?

Use light diffuser whenever you think that your flash is too bright and you only want to cast a brighter layer on your subjects. Change intermittently with your flash and suit the condition of the room’s lighting.

When the range is too far, you’d want to turn on your flash. So, the light can reach even far away objects and light them up to be visible in the frame.

Remember to be creative as a wedding photographer Jacksonville FL. Don’t be stuck on how to make things bright. There are a lot of different ways to capture beautiful wedding pictures aside from lighting things up.

Wedding Photography

Lancashire wedding photographyLocal wedding can be a hassle. Destination wedding can be twice or even thrice of a hassle, or even a headache when you are not ready to face so many requirements and things to watch out. But, don’t worry, chill out, grab a cup of coffee and scroll through as you read and slowly arrange your plan to a successful destination wedding.

Wedding Planner

Well, most probably you are not very well informed about the places, venues, seasons, flowers, and even the costs of destination weddings on a particular place. It is important, I repeat, very important, to get someone who is familiar with the locals and know who to find to décor and provide your wedding necessities. Some of you might be one of those people that want to be in charge of everything, but when the site is somewhere hundreds or even thousands of miles outside the country, it is necessary to trust someone who has the better ability to identify the right people.

Yours, Bridesmaids and Guests Budget range

It is important to understand if they are available financially for your wedding party hold somewhere far. We don’t want to seem forceful to our close friends, and thus, it is important to ask about theirs’ and the important people of your wedding.


At least once before or after you set on your decision. The more the better, because there are many things you can learn from being there firsthand, such as the weather, the people involved, the venue and other factors that will also be considered on the following points.

Wedding style

Just like with a local wedding, you need to know what kind of wedding you want and then clearly state this with your wedding planner and keep the line of communication clear and easy. Since that you cannot be there each time your wedding planner makes a decision, you need to put a decent amount of trust, if not whole, that your planner can handle it. Thus, you can lessen the burden and can focus on what you can do here, right now.

Season and weather

Just like how it is not always sunshine in Hawaii, seasons can change throughout the year in a country and it is important to research when is the best weather to visit and have your wedding done. It’s the least you can do, because weathers, ultimately, can be unpredictable and you will want to have your wedding planner design a backup plan in case rain, hail or gusts are blowing strong enough to hinder the guests from enjoying their time.

Dress code

In a party done somewhere far with unfamiliar weather and air, there are chances that you won’t feel as comfortable as you are in the current country. Since that people who come won’t exactly come with a wide range of outfits to choose from, you want both of you and also your guests to fully enjoy the party in comfortable clothes.


Don’t forget about your photographer! After arranging and spending so many time and energy to create the perfect wedding, it would be such a waste if you cannot get a professional to do Lancashire wedding photography. The chance that you will be able to find a suitable photographer in the destination country is slim due to the fact that you cannot meet them face-to-face and you are unable to build the trust over technology supported communication. Nichola Morton Photography provides destination wedding services and have done others, making them experienced in taking unfamiliar views and landscapes for Lancashire wedding photography.

Now, future brides and grooms, this can be a lot to consume and process. Take each step one at a time, and surely you will be able to create a wonderful memory of your dream wedding.

Wedding Photography

Greenwich wedding photographerWorking as a Greenwich wedding photographer in charge of documenting a wedding demands you to be hidden, inconspicuous and taking pictures in a way that your clients are oblivious to. With so many things going on at once, you can be overwhelmed and may enter in a haste mode, going here and there snapping pictures of the moment from perfect angles. Before you know it, you are already making a scene and eyes are shifting from your clients to you. Worst case ever!

Why You Should Not Stand Out

For obvious reasons, the wedding is about the bride and groom celebrating the happiest day together. Tying the knot is something that happens only once in a lifetime and that is why they want a complete documentary of the day in a bespoke wedding album. You have to stay as low profile as possible because:

  1. Your clients are not familiar with you. Noticing that someone they are not close with are snapping multiple pictures of them may cause distress or awkward expression.
  2. The guests may begin to notice your… presence. It’s not that you need to become invisible literally, but guests that keep looking at you won’t make great candid pictures.


Many clients want their wedding recorded in such a way like a movie. They want those aesthetic and candid pictures done, yet they are probably awkward and shy in front of camera. To produce that natural expressions and pictures, you need to be invisible in a sense that the bride and groom won’t exactly notice you with your camera taking secret pictures of them.

How to be invisible

Wear nice, but not too nice

The first step to this is to blend in. Because you are not officially a guest and there’s less likely that you’d know anyone there, at the very least you can do is to wear appropriately. Fill your wardrobe with several formal outfits that you are comfortable to work in. Of course, you should not wear the same thing over and over again; guests are also eager to take pictures too, and it would be quite a scene if they notice the same Greenwich wedding photographer in the same outfit in some other weddings.

On the other hand, you should not be wearing something too fancy that attract too much attention from the people. Having people looking at you will just make it impossible to take candid pictures and even distract them from paying attention to the bride and groom.

Knowing the venue

If visiting the venue before the wedding day is impossible, arriving much earlier would be the least you can do. With all the decorations in place, analyze and test shot from various angles when guests haven’t arrived. After familiarizing the venue, you won’t spend that much time during the actual event shifting from one place to another.

Extra photographer

To lessen the movements you need to make and gain even more perspectives of the moment to maximize the result, hire a second photographer to lend you a hand. If hiring an extra hand is impossible…

Wireless radio trigger

Have a second camera ready and use a trigger to take the shot at the same time. This way, you can still get double angles, but preparation will take time.


The less the better. Flash definitely attracts attention and can even surprises guests or your clients. When you choose to use it, make sure it worth the attention and disturbance. Another trick you can do is to bouce the flash by shoving a reflector to make sure they don’t startle anyone or get a DSLR camera that lets you swivel it to the right direction.

Wedding Photography

Not putting yourself first.

wedding photographer HertfordshirePutting yourself first is one cardinal rule in wedding planning that every bride needs to understand and keep to heart as much as possible. You have to base it off of what you like, what your dreams and pegs are, or what your preferences are. What other people have to say about your decisions for the wedding plans should prove to be secondary and shouldn’t affect you that much when it all comes down to it. Always think about yourself first. Although it sounds a little selfish but when you come to think about it, you are technically doing this for you and not for anyone else. Stop worrying too much about what other people’s takes are on your decision. At the end of the day, this is your wedding and you technically get to call the shots so try to listen to yourself and to your partner first before you start doubting yourself and clouding your judgment by listening to what other people have to say about it so far. Make the decision on the wedding photographer Hertfordshire offers yourself. Listen to useful advice but overall, make the final call.

Not considering the guests.

Although you should always put yourself first in the wedding plans, you should still make sure that your guests who will be attending the wedding will be well taken care of. Make sure that they are comfortable and that they aren’t wanting for more or anything like that. Basic facilities should be nailed down and set up ahead of time. If you are planning a wedding out in the woods, for example, make sure that you set up mobile restrooms. It would be horrible for them to have to walk over a mile just to get to a decent rest room while they are in formal wedding garb. You need a little more insight and practicality than that and this is something that you need to go ahead and prioritize all across the board as much as you possibly can. If your guests are not being catered to properly, this can leave a bad taste in the mouth and this is not the kind of thing or feeling that you would want to be associated with your wedding at any point in time. Make sure that everyone gets included in the wedding photographer Hertfordshire coverage at some point or so. They will really be able to appreciate it.

Not picking the venue before the dress.

Always pick the venue first because the dress needs to match the venue and the décor. Picking the dress first will lead you to have to structure the rest of the wedding details around the dress and that can be harder to do than if you opted to do it the other way around. Get the buy in of your wedding photographer Hertfordshire professionals when you are doing site tours as well.

Announcing the big news too soon.

Don’t rush into it. Instead, you should plan it out, perhaps even have an engagement photo shoot to bring the news out to the rest of the world. Contact if you want to have gorgeous looking wedding photographer Hertfordshire photos.

Wedding Photography

Break in the shoes.

wedding photography LondonWith all of the things going on in the hustle and bustle of the wedding planning process, the last thing on your mind is probably the shoes that you will be wearing along with your ensemble but what you need to know is that the type of shoes you wear will greatly affect how the rest of your day will go. A wedding can stretch on for about 6 hours or more and all throughout that time, your level of comfort will be determined by the type of shoes you wear. If you aren’t careful about it, you might end up feeling abused and bruised by the wrong type of shoes.

We all have those heels that hurt our feet within just a few minutes after wearing them and there are those heels that make us feel as if we could live in them all day, even perhaps run around in them and the like. Whatever your shoe choices are, the most important thing to consider as much as possible is the fact that you need to start getting used to wearing them all the time. Break them in. walk around the house in them. There are a lot of ways for you to make your shoes a little more comfortable. Pack bags of water and put them in the freezer to stretch them out a bit. Put in anti blister pads and the like. Wear them out without making them look torn out. There are so many things you can do to help get this done. Your shoes are just as important as the wedding photography London offers that you are assessing so give your feet some love and think about this ahead of time.

Last set of cash deposits.

Make sure that all of your vendors are paid in full. It can be a bit embarrassing if the wedding day is already upon you and not all of your wedding vendors have been paid out yet as agreed upon. You need to know for sure that your payout game is strong. Your wedding vendors will respect you better. Your photographer will hold up better on their end of the wedding photography London offer or proposal because you held up yours. Respect from your vendors is something that you need to really try to earn and this is something that you can accomplish by making sure that you get them paid out on time, all the time.

Go over your wedding guest list again.

This is something that you need to be overly detailed about. It is actually alright for you to obsess over the guest list a little. It is always so much better than just being a little loose handed with it and end up with way more people than you expected or spending out tons of money on the venue and the food and only a fraction of those expected people actually showed up.

Confirm your travel details.

This will ensure that you have a smooth honeymoon ahead of you. Your honeymoon needs to be as seamless as your wedding day, so that you can actually enjoy the entire marriage experience. A little bit of advance planning never really hurt anyone.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographers HertfordshireWedding traditions and superstitions are a thing! Some families follow them religiously and they would want to make sure any wedding planned keep to these traditions. It is necessary that the wedding vendors (especially the wedding photographers Hertfordshire) are aware of these traditions because what might be common place to photography might not be allowed in some families’ wedding.

Discussed extensively are superstition and traditions that the wedding photographers Hertfordshire need to be aware of:

The Bride and Groom cannot see each other before the wedding.

This superstition stemmed from the olden days were the bride and groom were not allowed to see each other. The idea is that they are meant to see themselves at the wedding altar, like they have never had any contact before. However most professional wedding photographers usually incorporate pre-wedding shoots in their photo routine, this is done especially if a traditional style of wedding photography is to be employed. The wedding photographers Hertfordshire should be informed beforehand of such arrangement and why it is necessary they keep to tradition so it would not look like they are undermining the professional opinion of the wedding photographer.

Yellow Roses should not be used (else you would go green with envy)

This superstition stemmed from a Language of Flowers book during the Victorian era which was popular in Europe. The book purported that tulips meant love, some other flowers meant marital happiness and that yellow roses signaled envy. Some regions in Europe are still said to follow this superstition religiously as the tradition is still practiced till today. For wedding photographers Hertfordshire that are tasked with providing the backdrop for a colorful wedding, it is necessary the wedding photographer is intimated of superstitions like this so, he or she would not make the mistake of bringing yellow roses. This is why the wedding vendors- Wedding planner, Wedding Photographer and Wedding Florists have to work together, to avoid going against the superstitious beliefs of the couple.


Carrying the bride over the threshold

Some families believe that the groom must carry the bride over the threshold and sometimes want to preserve the memory, although this superstition is rooted in the story that a bride is not meant to show enthusiasm for losing her virginity hence carrying her over the threshold tones down her anxiety. Some wedding photographers might not be aware of this superstition or the need to preserve such memory. Thus it is necessary that the wedding photographer Hertfordshire is intimated on the importance on capturing such moment.

Wedding Veil

There are some families that believe in the superstition that the bride should wear a veil. The reasoning behind this is that if the bride’s face is covered, evil cannot pinpoint her as the bride and inflict her with one form of affliction or the other during the wedding. Some families might want to preserve the fate of the bride in the veil, thus it is necessary to intimate the wedding photographers Hertfordshire on the need to capture the image of the wedding bride in the veil.