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Photographers, Chill. Your Pictures are Still There!

newborn photographer BournemouthYou’re probably in the middle of it. You got your memory card dumped in the washing machine and it went through a full round of washing your pants, underwear, and other laundries.

After 5 minutes rummaging through it, you found it: the long-lost (probably just an hour) memory card. Now, what am I to do? Do I wipe it? Do I let it dry? Do I use a hair dryer to fasten the process? What about my pictures? Are they gone? Are they corrupted? Do I have a chance to retrieve them?

Now, relax. Chill. It might not be as bad as you thought it is. Heck, most photographers got out of this situation feeling enlightened by the fact that water is not exactly the ultimate enemy of memory cards. After reading this, we hope that every newborn photographer Bournemouth can find peace.

They’re solid; water doesn’t exactly screw them

You’ve probably seen or experienced for yourself what happens when your gadgets were dipped or had water seeped into them. They start going haywire and repairing them sometimes don’t fix everything. I know firsthand how it was. But, happy to note that I also had my memory card in that phone.

So, did everything go wrong?

My family were experienced

Well, my memory card was totally okay. It’s been jumping through numerous phones and still functions well. For, one, the water seeped into the gadget but not on my memory card (probably).

Let’s move on to a more believable case. My brother was doing his thing in the toilet and was playing with his phone until he accidentally dropped it in a bucket full of water. The end. So, obviously, every inch of the phone was filled with water, including the memory card. So, what about the files inside it.

He immediately removed the parts, salvaged the memory card, and brought the phone to the store to be fixed. In all seriousness, all he did was wiping the memory card clean and after a close inspection (that it’s not wet anymore), he used it again the next day (after getting a new phone, because he’s a businessman with calls constantly coming in).

Does not mean you should let it dump in water

Memory cards are not totally waterproof. Just like how ‘waterproof’ phones have their limits, the same goes with a memory card. A long time in the water and damp condition may cause the static electric on the golden lines to go haywire.

Remember to also wipe the memory card (not with hair dryer, please) clean. Leave it for at least a few hours to a day before plugging it back.

Also, it is important to remember that memory cards are easily lost (even in the washing machine, yes, there are people who after a 5-minute search, couldn’t find the memory card sitting at the base of the tub). So, always put it in the case after use. Always. No matter how lazy you are to find it, do this. Especially for a newborn photographer Bournemouth, it is not worth the risk.

Have an app that helps retrieve corrupted files

Most photographers wait till something serious comes up to find the software or app. Better to have it at your disposal by now, don’t wait till the pressure comes.