Newborn Photography

baby photosThere are things that baby photographers should remember when they deal with babies. Snapping some adorable baby photos are not easy if you do not know how to ‘direct’ them. Babies don’t really listen! So, how do you make them smile or look at your directions when you need them to?

1. Get to know your clients

When your clients first came with the baby, make sure that you greet them both. Let the baby know who you are and let him feel familiar with you. Make sure that the parents feel comfortable with you playing with their baby. This also means you need to make the first impression of being a friendly professional.

Spend some more time with them by bringing them around the studio and talk about what you do in them. For example, the props that you use, how you care for the set, etc.

2. Clean props

Whatever prop you use, make sure to clean them regularly. Do not let other clients be exposed to dirty, used blankets or toys. Keep the set clean by sweeping and then mopping with antibacterial cleaners. Do not forget to let the parents know what you are planning to do for the day. Brief them before you start the baby photography session.

All your props should also be made of materials that do not cause allergic reactions. If your clients are bringing over theirs, simply make sure it’s safe to use and you know how to use them yourself.

3. Safety first

Sometimes, props like hanging bags may warn parents. They probably don’t like the idea of putting their baby in a bag suspended in the air. But these are some of the best things about baby photos; you can use props and they are very small, cute and adorable to use, just like what you can see at

Safety is something that you need to make sure in any kind of baby photography. Do not proceed if it’s not safe because no parents will thank you for the great pictures at the expense of their loved one safety.

4. Keep the baby entertained

In baby photography, it’s important to keep the baby’s interest on you. Or at least, to someone that is close to you. You may need the parents’ help here in making the baby look at your direction. On the other hand, make sure that you spend a lot of time getting to know the baby before the photography session. Let him familiarize around with the toys and place.

For newborn babies, it’s more important to keep the setting calm and warm. Don’t make sudden movements when you carry the baby that can stir him up. Newborn pictures are best taken when the baby is calm.

5.   Explain to parents

Some parents are fixated on the ideal results of baby photos, but you know that different babies will make different expressions. They could be excited or shocked by what they are seeing. Some are probably not as enthusiastic as others, so tell parents that they should just enjoy the whole session. There’s always a new thing to learn through these experiences for them.