Wedding Photography

Wedding on the horizon?

wedding photographer DublinYou definitely have a lot of planning to do with one of the major requirements being having all the right wedding vendors in place. You need to select a suitable location that can be transformed into a notable wonderland for your special day. You also need the help of an expert florist to get the floral arrangements right and ensure that your bouquet comprises of your preferred flowers. Let’s also not forget the fact that your guests need to be entertained with food and drinks and would you prefer a live band or a DJ.

There are definitely a lot of things which need to go into planning a wedding but with all the things you are trying to arrange, don’t you think there is something important you are forgetting? That is right! You need the help of an expert wedding photographer Dublin in ensuring that all the memories of your special day actually get captured.

You will be heavily involved in ensuring that you live in the moment of your special day and that means you may not be aware of everything that goes down on that day. However, hiring a wedding photographer takes care of this. But that depends on if you hire the right person. The following are steps you should take in ensuring that the individual who you select is actually trustworthy and someone that can deliver effectively.

  • Background Check

When we say background check, we aren’t referring to any FBI kind of search. In terms of background check, we mean crosschecking, referrals, references, feedback, previous clients and any claims the photographer might have. It may shock you to know that there are a lot of photographers on the internet who claim to be what they are not. A lot of individuals have fallen for the scams and lies of the so-called photographers and regretted the fact that they failed to perform a thorough search.

If you go to the site of a wedding photographer Dublin and you see that there are testimonials from “previous clients”, take it a step further and research whether these individuals are real human beings. The good thing is that we live in the digital age and if you need information, you can just browse the internet or social media sites and something is likely to come up.

  • Set up a meeting

Never ever conclude on hiring a photographer without meeting them in person. The impression a person can give over the phone or via email is totally different from how they might be when you interact with them in person. So, make sure when you get a photographer who seems interesting, you set up a meeting to get a proper feel of their personality.

It is important that during this meeting, both you and the photographer are able to understand each other. If you are not, then this may very well be an indication that a partnership between both of you might not be the right step.

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