Wedding Photography

female wedding photographerAs a female wedding photographer, the photo shooting possibilities are endless. Almost equally endless in possibilities are the various classes of wedding albums that you can create. With a little love and a woman’s touch, these beautiful photos can be encased in complimenting albums of your making.

  • Matted Wedding Albums

Often considered to be the album that upholds tradition due to its formal nature, the matted album is considered a classic. These wedding albums feature a stiff piece of cardboard between the photos, often set above each image to prevent the pictures in the folder from ever touching. The images are essentially glued into this album.

Each matted wedding album will have a varying number of pages based on the requested design of the couple. This is the most commonly used format, as it is also reversible in the terms of vertical or horizontal pictures. Both can be placed in these albums, making them a favorite.

  • Flush Mount Wedding Albums

With every page of this selected album being a plain printed image on a rigid board, without featuring any boarders, the flush mount photo album is widely and greatly considered to be more of a contemporary choice. These albums can include a singular image or multiple.

Of the flush mount photo albums, there are two clear distinctions. The first one is more of a coffee table book, which has distinct images with patterned edges that may or may not overlap one another. The second is a magazine styled album, which holds a high chance of having full page pictures that overlap each other without borders.

These are the more modern choices of wedding albums a female wedding photographer can create, but they come with some risks of the photos inside becoming damaged. The root of this risk is as simple as the pictured touching faces when the book is closed, which can cause the pages to stick together and ruin the album. So, if you desire this type of album, be sure to find out if a layer of protection can be applied over the photos.

  • Gift Albums

Gifting wedding albums are a much smaller version of your wedding album. These can either contain all of the similar pictures of a smaller scale, or just a few choice photos. These wedding albums sizes are always likely to be somewhere within 19 to 20cm square or smaller and could be an ideal thank you gift for the parents of the couple, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen and best man.

Of course, you should consider where and how you will make use of your wedding album before you make your final decisions on what you want. If you want something that will most often than not be on showcase, you may prefer having a more modern-day flush album. However, if you would prefer to have a classic album that you can maintain in safe custody and show to future generations, a matted album will be a more ideal option for you.

As always, talk to the female wedding photographer JoanneB Photography about the possibilities and options open to you. This is the best way to make sure you get the best out of your wedding experience, and the best for the displays of that experience.