Wedding Photography

Social media savvy

lancashire wedding photographySocial media savvy is a must-have in Lancashire wedding photography. You need to know how to go ahead and establish your social media profile as a wedding photographer by profession because this is something that can seriously springboard you from being someone who is virtually unknown to being someone who is worth noting and someone worth contacting in the event that there is a need for a wedding photographer somewhere along the way. Social media is something that you can play by ear and sort of learn by doing and on the fly but if you would like a more detailed and methodical approach, you might want to take up classes or courses about the right way of getting social media done right.

Look into this as much as possible and try to see how you will be able to work things out the right way the entire time that you are trying to get things figured out while you are at it. Work relentlessly on your social media presence as a professional wedding photographer and things should turn up pretty soon. It is all a matter of time before things start working in your favor.

Steady income source

Another thing that you need to check out in Lancashire wedding photography is a steady income source on the side. You need money to get money and that’s really all there is to it for as far as starting out is concerned. You need to know what you should be looking into in terms of income and money because you are going to need and actually spend a lot of it before you come across any hopes and signs of being able to establish yourself and actually start making money as a professional wedding photographer.

If you currently have a job or a business other than the profession you are in as a wedding photographer, then go ahead and continue it. Keep yourself afloat and sustainable at all times. You need this in order for you to actually have any hopes of succeeding somewhere in the long run. People won’t be all that willing to hire you just yet and this can be a real issue in the beginning. You are going to have to wait it out before your first big break and the wait will be long and hard. Keep things sustainable by having another income source to help keep you afloat one way or the other.

Always get a contract set up.

A contract will protect you from the possibilities and risks that might occur during the coverage of a wedding and this is what you need to prep up for as much as you possibly can. Don’t take things like these lightly. Get in touch with a lawyer and make sure that your contract is done or set up the right way every single time you have a wedding photography transaction to deal with.

Solid networking skills

Solid networking skills are an absolute requirement as well in Lancashire wedding photography. You need to know how to go ahead and network the right way in order for you to have any hopes of expanding your business and gaining contacts that have the potential to be paying clients in the long run.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsGet acquainted with the couple first.

This may sound odd to you at first but usually, for as far as Indian wedding photography is concerned, the photographer doesn’t even get to meet the couple who is about to be married until the actual day of the wedding. This may put you at a disadvantage given that they do not know you and may not feel comfortable being photographed by you. Fix this problem by breaking the ice. Try to see if you could get the chance to meet them before the wedding festivities so you can talk to them and so that they can become more comfortable with you taking their photos.

Plan the couple shots ahead of time, preferably before the festivities.

You have to plan out an Indian wedding photography differently from other kinds of weddings because of the obvious cultural differences that come along with it. Indian weddings usually last longer and are usually jam packed with throngs of family members and friends. You might not get to have the chance of taking couple photos with just the two of them in the photo. It would be wise if you plan this ahead of time, preferably before the wedding. They might be too exhausted to do it after the festivities.

Recruit a wingman for the event – preferably a close relative of the bride or groom’s.

It would be every photographer’s nightmare when there are too many family members attending and all them think that they are close enough to the couple to make them feel entitled to squeeze in to all of the photos being taken. This might be total chaos. Arrange for a go-to person / coordinator ahead of time to avoid this kind of mess. Go with someone who is close with the couple and who knows friends and family members well and who will be able to more or less schedule the shots and point out who goes in the picture and who goes out.

Get with your clients and list down the must-have moments that they absolutely require.

Indian customs may not be something that you are familiar with and that’s OK. You don’t have to know everything that goes on in the wedding but you should be well versed with at least the sequence of events. Talk to your clients well ahead of time and try to get a list together about the moments which they think are of particular importance in the wedding. This puts you in a safe zone because then you are surely not to miss out on any moments that they might be particularly looking for in the wedding photos.

Get an extra hand, by all means.

You are going to at least need another man / photographer so you can stick to your list of must-have shots and he can opt to cover the less important or the miscellaneous ones. This will enable you to cover enough ground in order for you to be able to string it all together post shoot.