Newborn Photography

newborn baby photographyNewborn baby photography is the very first session and experience for your little one. We also know that some parents wonder what to expect in a newborn photography session. Let us brief you on what happens in a session and what you need to prepare. We also want to make sure that you know what you need to do to make sure that it’s a going to be a smooth photography session.

1. Prepare yourself!

Many parents forget that they will also be included in the photography session. You will be asked by the photographer to have pictures taken with your newborn baby. You are the most important person to the baby and as tired as you might be, you need to spend these few hours with your baby for the best result.

Wear semi-formal outfit to the session because you want to look neat and appealing, but not overshadowing your newborn baby. The theme is going to be plain, new, innocent and lovely unless you and photographer have something else discussed.

2. Naked baby

To make the preparation easier, it’s easier to just wrap your baby in blankets than wearing jumpsuits there. Your photographer will prefer to work with a naked baby as it shows the innocence and plain side of the baby. If he still has to take the clothes off, that might disturb and wake the baby up during the process.

This should remind you to check if the room is warm enough for the baby to be naked for hours.

3. Many props involved

Before you proceed on the session, it’s important that you are informed on the props that are used during the session. For example, you can check out samples of newborn baby photography pictures at

You have the rights to reject the use of certain props and consult if you brought some of your own. It’s best that you work with a photographer that knows how to use the props. He also should be working with safety as his highest priority.

4.  Full and sleepy baby

Photographers always prefer to work with newborn babies that are asleep and content. That means you need to make sure that the baby is full before the session starts. But babies take quite some time before they are fully asleep, so feed your baby about half an hour before the session starts. Wrap the baby in a thick blanket and drive to the studio.

It’s also possible to do it at the studio as some photographers prepare a nursery room to do just this. But make sure to ask about this first.

5. Accidents!

A newborn baby photography session is not always as smooth as we plan. Sometimes, babies accidentally make a mess around the room! No need to panic, your photographer is always prepared for this kind of thing. It’s more important that you clean up your baby and make sure he’s ready to continue the photo shoot!

Because of this, the session can often last longer than a few hours. You need to clear your schedule for the day as well as prepare your energy. You might feel tired and exhausted after your labor, so consider this fact as well.

General Photography

newborn baby photographyIf you aren’t all that well versed with newborn baby photography just yet, one thing that you need to know ahead of time is the fact that not all of the work will be coming from the professional newborn baby photographer that you end up hiring.

Most of the leg work will also come from you as a client as well as a parent.

A newborn photo shoot will not pan out successfully if you don’t prepare for it well enough. One thing that you ought to try to take note of as much as possible is the aspect of looking into the possibility of getting all of the basics or all of the essentials taken care of the right way every single time. If you are a new parent, there is a pretty good chance that you don’t really know what to expect yet and you don’t really know how to work things out just yet and that’s quite alright. You can always prepare and read up on newborn photography blogs and the like so that you have a bit of an idea about what to expect as well as what to prepare for the big day.

Wet wipes, napkins, towels, and so on and so forth.

Always be prepared for possible emergencies. As you may well know, babies aren’t really in full control of their faculties. Most of the time, they are photographed naked with blankets and the like and this can result to the newborn baby photographer getting peed on or barfed on or even pooped on at times. It will make the process so much faster and so much more hassle free if you come prepared with all of the wipes and all of the things required in order to clean up the mess. Get a good bag’s supply of this as much as possible so that you have all of the right things going for you all of the time. Your newborn photographer will appreciate the fact that you came prepared for the photo shoot and you will see that the photo shoot will pan out way smoother than expected because you have all of these essentials easily on hand all throughout the time that you are there and working things out with him hand in hand.

Plush toys, music, colorful toys, and even pictures that will help keep the baby entertained if he is awake.

Babies have very short attention spans. They get irritated and bugged easily enough and you need to make sure that you are prepared to help keep him happy during the newborn baby photography shoot. Babies are a bit difficult to work with because of the fact that you can’t really force them to pose or to smile or do any of those things that you can usually instruct an average adult or child to do. You have to be a little more creative and a little more willing to think outside of the box in order to make sure that the baby will come out looking happy and content in the photos that are being taken of him. Having him asleep all throughout the time that the photo shoot is in full play will help out a lot as well.