Newborn Photography

Raleigh newborn photographerFor parents, newborn photography session is all about taking those cute pictures and enjoying their time relaxing and waiting. But for a Raleigh newborn photographer, you know that there are many things that if done wrong, could really endanger the baby. Parents do not know about this, at least not in details, nor are they experts. But you need to know.

There are mainly 4 things you need to watch out and how to conduct the photography session safely.

Uninformed or overinformed parents

Some people can be really oblivious to these things, while others like to do their own research beforehand. And these can get out of hand when they only have the internet to look to. Be the person whom they respect and trust by telling them what will happen.

For example, newborn babies should not be positioned in poses that seem normal for adults. Their bones are very fragile and as they are only a few days old, these bones crack easily. That is why, each time you pose him, an adult should be standby beside the baby ready to hold up the baby or just in case. Remember, a newborn photography is not a dangerous session, but we just want to be extra careful.

If they are actually worried about more than just one thing, be patient to answer their concerns and convince them. A Raleigh newborn photographer from Sally Salerno Photography can always easily take care of this when she understands that parents want the best for their child.

Keep the room and props warm

If you are going to have a photography session in half an hour, it’s time to turn on the heater and set it a little bit warmer than you would usually like it to be. It’s important to keep the room’s temperature warm because you want the baby to snuggle comfortably even when he/she is naked. This includes warming up the props as well.

Explain to the parents briefly that you are keeping the room warm for the baby, so they may sweat a little during the session! You also want to keep the draft out from entering the room. You should also explain briefly if you are using rice socks or other methods to keep the blanket warm and the baby cozy.

Hanging mid-air?

Some parents are completely against hanging their newborn baby in any kind of way. He/She must be placed on the ground, or on props that are immediately supported by the ground. Some photographers agree as well that babies shouldn’t be hung in beanbags mid-air, no matter how strong the bag is.

But some consider this by having adults right under the beanbag to support it in case anything happens. Yet, the construction is not made by amateurs and are ensured to hang anything much heavier than that, so the bag will not fall. Not to mention newborn babies rarely sway hard on hanging bags. And the concerns have, not just often, but always proven unnecessary.

Whichever it is, explain your reasonings as a professional Raleigh newborn photographer and understand if your clients don’t agree with you and want it to be done in a much safer way. You can opt to edit it or change the pose to something else less dangerous.