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Caring for memory cards

this Cambridge wedding photographerIt is very important for this Cambridge wedding photographer to know how to care for his memory cards. Your memory cards are your first line of defense and weaponry as a wedding photographer. It is of utmost importance that you make sure that they are well taken care of every single time. This is not the type of things that you can afford to go ahead and be complacent with because this is something that can seriously ruin your wedding photo shoot.

Formatting issues while being in the middle of a wedding photo shoot is every professional wedding photographer’s nightmare.

You certainly would not want this to happen to you. Imagine being halfway through and for some unknown reason, your memory card decides to go crazyand ends up losing everything that you managed to shoot. A simple sorry will never be enough and your clients will never take something like this lightly. You will be demanded to return their money or worse, you might even end up getting sued for it. Prepare and get yourself covered as much as possible by checking out a few basic tips.

Finding a memory card organizer

Find a nice memory card organizer that you can put all of your memory cards in. When you proceed to just stuff your memory cards anywhere, you run the risk of losing them or of getting them damaged or scratched. Any one of those things will turn out to have truly damaging effects on your memory cards. You should always try to make sure that your cards are stored the right way every single time. Invest in a high quality memory card organizer if you can afford it. If you can’t, try to be a little more practical and craft with the solutions that you come up with. For as long as you get to store them the right way and for as long as you will get to go ahead and carry your memory cards safely without too much trouble somewhere in between, you get to maximize the life spans of these said memory cards at the same time.

Wiping off data

Make a habit out of constantly wiping data off of your memory cards after every use. This will save you time and hassle as this Cambridge wedding photographer. Make a habit out of this. This might seem like a bit of a hassle in the beginning but after quite some time of doing this again and again, it will slowly incorporate itself into your routine and it will not end up bothering you as much as it initially did in the beginning. Memory cards, for some reason, are more prone to getting corrupted and other formatting errors when you store files or data on a more long term basis. This is what you should be looking out for as much as possible.

Activating dual card

Activate the dual card slot setting in your camera. You can actually write on two memory card at the same time when you are shooting your photos. Make sure that you switch this on so that you get to have your first line of backups right then and there.


Primary camera

wedding photographyObviously, you can’t possibly venture into wedding photography if you don’t have a camera in tow. This will be your main weapon of choice and this is the main tool that you will be using when you are shooting your photos at the end of the day. you need to make sure that you have something that is fairly capable of shooting high resolution photos as much as possible. The main standard that you should be holding a camera up to is that you need to opt for a camera that should be able to shoot in RAW format. RAW is the best format available in the market. It beats all of the other formats out there, be it JPEG or TIFF and this is something that you can really take to the bank every single time.

Secondary camera

Aside from a primary camera, you need to make sure that you have a secondary camera in tow as well. This is to make sure that you will have a backup in the event that your primary camera decides to have a malfunction. Equipment failure is a possibility or an eventuality that you will need to go ahead and prepare for one way or the other so make sure that you get something like this figured out in advance. If you can’t afford to buy a second camera right then and there, you can always make do with trying to see if you can temporarily borrow a spare from someone else you know. There are also a lot of places out there that make a business out of renting out photography equipment. This is something that you can really make the most use of in wedding photography especially when you are still starting out and struggling with your equipment.


You are going to need a high quality tripod to help anchor down your camera and lens securely. You can’t afford to risk movements or anything like that. Everything needs to be anchored down nicely especially when you are working with long lenses because of the fact that you will have the possibility of camera shakes and blurry pictures if you just shoot everything with your camera being held by hand all of the time. Don’t buy a cheap tripod. Opt for something that is high quality all of the time so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will give out on you at any point in time.


You will need at least two lenses to start things off with. You are going to need a telephoto lens for your portrait shots and a wide angle lens for your wide angled group shots, panoramic shots, architectural shots, and so on and so forth. Make sure that you take care of your lenses as well. Like this Peterborough wedding photographer, invest in high quality lens care kits and make a habit out of constantly cleaning your lenses so that you can expand their life spans as much as possible.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographyIf you are currently at a crossroads and you are facing the challenge that has plagued so many other brides who have gone before you which is finding the perfect wedding dress for you to wear for the wedding, then you have come to the right place. There are times wherein it will be so much easier to deal with things if you actually have a guide for how you are supposed to choose the perfect wedding dress for yourself. You don’t have to start things off from scratch and more than that, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a few important things while you are at it. This is what you should always be checking into when it comes to things like this.

Consider locations.

Location is everything for when you are looking for a wedding dress to wear for your wedding. This can vary greatly depending on what kind of wedding you will be having and where the location will turn out to be. A full ball gown will not work for a beach wedding in the same way that a flimsy beach dress will end up looking out of place for a black tie affair. Being well aware of the place and time of the wedding will allow you to go ahead and map things out the right way for the wedding dress that you are trying to find for yourself. When you keep the location and the wedding type details in mind all of the time, you get to rule out all of the other unnecessary options that might fall on your plate at the end of the day. This is the kind of thing that you could really use to your advantage when it all comes down to it. Keep this in mind all of the time and you will never go wrong.

Always set a budget for yourself.

Make sure that you have all of the right things going for you when you are planning out a wedding dress for you to go with for the wedding. If you are planning to buy a wedding dress off the rack, then you need to make sure that you manage the expectations of the salesperson who is catering to your needs by stating the ceiling price for your wedding gown right off the bat before he or she starts taking out gowns for you to take a look at and try out. A pretty good ballpark figure for you to check out when you are trying to decide on a budget for your wedding gown is roughly around 10-15% of the total wedding budget or costs. Anything over that might have you end up being way over your head already and you might want to go ahead and reconsider things as you go along.

Always start early as much as possible.

Ideally, you should start shopping around for your wedding dress roughly around 6 months or more before the actual wedding date. This way, you can make the necessary changes you need to make before you decide on anything.

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Wedding Photography

this wedding photographer from NewcastleIf you want to go ahead and launch yourself in the market as a new wedding photographer from Newcastle, the first thing that you will need to take care of is the premise of whether or not this is something that you will be able to do or commit to in the long run. After all, the toughest thing that you will need to really weather out one way or the other is the issue of commitment and of passion. If you are doing something that you absolutely love and that you are absolutely passionate about, and then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue at the end of the day. However, if you are just getting into this because this is what is currently trendy and “in”, you might end up quitting before you could ever gain success. So really take a long look at how you see yourself several years down the road and try to see if you will be able to go ahead and follow through on what you have started. You probably started off with photography as a hobby and then you eventually branched out and progress as a professional wedding photographer from Newcastle. Whatever the situation may be, figure things out in detail before you get fully invested in things at the end of the day.

Work on personal projects.

This is something that will help shake things up in the creativity mill. It can be very easy for a wedding photographer from Newcastle to eventually lose luster and enthusiasm in what he does just for the mere fact that routine can turn out to be a real culprit in all this. This is what you should go ahead and try to avoid as much as you possibly can. Make sure that you are always able to play around with concepts that you can check out in the personal projects that you are working on or experimenting on one way or the other. Gain inspiration from the internet. Gain inspiration from the people and events and even the objects all around you. It is all a matter of gaining the right creative perspective and of keeping yourself interested all of the time. Personal projects will turn out to be your ultimate idea mill as you progress further and further on in your career and in what you do as a wedding photographer from Newcastle so keep working on them whenever you have the free time to do so.

Try to gain feedback and input from your clients.

This might seem like a painful process to go through with initially because it means that you will need to check out the possibility of rejection somewhere along the way but it is technically the most important insight that you will ever get your hands on at some point or so. Clients are usually collective in their preferences. This means that you will be able to gain a glimpse into what the market really wants from you and you can adjust things accordingly from there. If you want a good business model, take a look at this photographer. This wedding photographer from Newcastle is highly recommended by many couples.


wedding photography tipsIf you are a fairly new wedding photographer, there is a pretty good chance that you don’t have that much of an idea about the things that you should be including in your contract whenever you book a wedding photography client. Just a disclaimer, although this article will aim to more or less let you know about the basics required in a standard wedding photography contract, you should by no means try to do the contract all on your own. You will still need to seek out the advice of a practicing contract lawyer just to make sure that you are able to satisfy all of the legal requirements in your particular area. Every country and every city has a different approach and has at times unique stipulations in the way that contracts are done so that is something that you need to observe ergo the need for a contract lawyer in the first place.

Always specify the start time and the end time of your services as a wedding photographer during the wedding day.

The reason why you need to clearly indicate this in the contract that you are writing up is so that your clients will know and respect the fact that you are not free for all during the wedding day. Weddings can easily stretch out for 3 to 4 more extra hours especially when the couple and the guests are having the time of their lives. You certainly shouldn’t feel obligated to stay behind if you aren’t being paid for it. Stipulate that in the contract so that your clients will know full well until when they will get to have you. This will protect you from being abused or from being taken advantage of when you are providing coverage as the official lake district wedding photographer.

You should also indicate the price for your services as a wedding photographer.

Once you have something written down on paper and signed by both parties, it can be pretty difficult to dispute that and that means that you have an extra layer of protection against clients who may turn out to be a bit abusive when it comes to the monetary dealings of the transaction. If you are charging by the hour, then go ahead and indicate that. If you have a flat rate or a package rate, then indicate that as well in the contract.

You should also discuss the aspect of the terms of payment in the wedding photography contract.

Clearly state how much you are requiring for the deposit and how much the succeeding payments will be and when the due date is. It would usually be wise if you also include a late fee or something fairly similar to that in case the client is late with the payment. This will make him or her a little more aware of the fact that they have a date to watch out for and it certainly can help out  a lot in ensuring that you get paid in a timely and prompt manner by the end of the transaction.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographyIt is crucial for each and every wedding photographer out in the market these days to network the right way. If this is not something that you are acquainted with or used to doing in the first place, then it is high time for you to put on your thinking hat and to go ahead and try to absorb everything that you need to know in order for you to gain success as a wedding photographer. You have to understand that the landscape of the competition in wedding photography is a really tough and cutthroat one. You need to make sure that you are able to go through the motions of really making a name for yourself and of building up a brand that people will be able to relate to and identify.

You need connections.

You can be the best wedding photographer with all of the best skills but if you have zero connections, you will most likely end up losing out to the rest of the other wedding photographers out there who may not be as creative and as skilled as you are but who know how to use the power of marketing and networking to their advantage. Build up your network and you end up building up your brand as well in the process. The more people you know, the more you are upping your chances of being known all throughout your journey as a wedding photographer. It is one of the most strategic moves that you will ever get to make. You can check out to get more ideas on wedding photography.

The best part of networking is the fact that it is absolutely for free.

Technically speaking, what you will be doing when you network would be to reach out to the rest of the other people in the wedding industry. All of the small business as well as service providers or vendors for anything and everything related to weddings are great people and entities for you to start networking with at some point or so in your career as a wedding photographer. How you cultivate your relationships with the rest of the other professionals that you may happen to meet along the way will more or less dictate how things will eventually turn out for you and for your business as a wedding photographer.

It is not a matter of how many you know but of who you know.

Quantity does not beat quality when it comes to the aspect of networking for professional wedding photographers. Be picky with the connections that you make and make sure that it is something or someone that will be worth investing your precious time in. One particular example would be comparing a venue owner and a florist side by side. They are both from the wedding industry and connecting with both up your chances of booking more clients in the future. However, clients usually reserve a venue first before they proceed to the rest of the other preparations for the wedding. This means that venue owners are almost always the first ones to know about incoming weddings. This will give you a fairly good idea which vendor you should be spending more time on.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographyOne priority that you should stick to as much as possible as a wedding photographer whenever you are shooting a wedding is to make sure that you get to keep things classy and smooth. Your clients have been throwing a lot of money around not just for your professional services as a wedding photographer but for the service fees of other vendors and small businesses as well. Prepping up a wedding is no joke. It literally takes a village of small businesses and professionals in order to complete the entire wedding prep scene and that doesn’t even include the time and planning that come along with it at the end of the day. You certainly don’t want to end up ruining all that money and efforts by ending up making the wedding look cheap because of how you handled yourself while you were shooting the wedding as a wedding photographer.

You should pay attention to how you carry yourself during the wedding.

Take note that you are officially the wedding photographer, which means that at a certain degree, people will look at you and know that you are who the clients preferred over the rest of the other wedding photographers in the market out there. Don’t embarrass your clients by coming up to the wedding looking shabby and inappropriate.

Don’t ever dress yourself in streetwear.

It’s a wedding, not a rock concert. Don’t wear baggy jeans or baseball caps or sneakers or shorts or shirts with lewd quote written on them. As an essex wedding photographer, you are regarded as a visual artist. You should know what looks good and what does not. You should also avoid wearing any loud prints because they can turn out to look distracting and may attract attention to yourself for all of the wrong reasons. More than that, over the top prints tend to come off as something that looks tacky and just way out there and that is something that you should try to go ahead and avoid as much as possible.

Manage crowds

Another thing that you should take extra care with is the way that you conduct yourself as a wedding photographer. You will be required to manage crowds or groups while you are taking pictures and you will be required to give out instructions so that you will be able to make the composition look great. Make sure that you are able to maintain a polite and friendly tone all throughout the time. Make sure that you speak in just the right volume as well. Anything too loud and too sudden might make you come off looking like a complete brute. If you will be able to do away with hand signals, then do so. And make sure that you have a smile plastered on your face all the time. Weddings are quite long and you are probably thinking that it can be quite tiring to try to smile all throughout those hours. If you don’t feel like smiling too much, at least exert the effort to make it look like you are not pissed.

Wedding Photography

Avoid any slip ups

wedding photographerYou can’t afford to have any slip ups as a new wedding photographer who is still just trying to more or less establish himself in the industry. You need to make sure that the first few wedding photography clients that you do book will be so thrilled about your services that they will be raving about you to all of their friends and all of the other people they know who might have a need for a wedding photographer somewhere in the future. The power of the word of mouth is usually underrated but it really can make or break a business and it just might help give you that needed push as a wedding photographer. You need to make sure that you don’t end up missing any important moments during the wedding. You need to make sure that all of the moments that your clients are expecting to see a photo of are properly documented all across the board.

Get a list of the moments that you will need to film.

Meet up with the bride and groom so that you will more or less be on the loop about those important moments and what the sequence will be during the wedding photography shoot. This is something that will make your life so much easier as a wedding photographer. You will also be able to more or less embellish the list with a few items of your own, just to make the wedding photography coverage comprehensive. Constantly check out your list and constantly try to see where you are currently at because this will ensure that you are not missing out on anything when it all comes down to it. You will be able to avoid potentially arguments with your clients if you have this list with you that will ultimately prove that you have followed through on everything that has been previously agreed upon.

People will start to get bored with seeing you behind the lens of the camera all of the time.

Although your role as a wedding photographer is not really an invasive or an intrusive one, most people aren’t really all that comfortable when it comes to the aspect of seeing a camera aimed at them all of the time. It makes them feel awkward and self conscious and that is what you need to really watch out for because people don’t look great in photographs of them looking uncomfortable no matter how you look at it. As a wedding photographer, you will need to be sensitive enough for you to be able to intercept these needs when it all comes down to it.

Try to keep your distance and shift to a longer lens if you see people starting to get a little disinterested.

This will make them feel “safe” enough to stop acting in front of the camera and to start being themselves instead when it all comes down to it. When you come to think about it, it is one of the oldest tricks in the book that a Los Angeles wedding photographer can employ during a wedding photography shoot but it is something that basically works every single time.

Wedding Photography

Keep an open mind when you are trying to provide wedding photography for different clients.

wedding photographyAlthough there are some common religions that you may know about or may be more or less used to or familiar to at some point, there are a lot out there that you may not have experienced previously and may not totally understand or agree with. What you need to keep in mind is the fact that your clients hired you to take care of the wedding photography side of things. They did not hire you so that you can give out your opinions about their faith and about the way that they live their lives at some point. Don’t be judgmental and try to keep an open mind as much as possible when it comes to things like these. Don’t let your own personal preferences get in the way of the way you work and the way that you more or less render your wedding photography service.

Make it a point to always see the good in things and in people.

We are all different but that’s where the beauty of things lies when it all comes down to it. Try to read up and do the necessary amount of background research about a certain practice or tradition if you have to but when it all comes down to it, the best way to go about this for your wedding photography shoot is for you to just go straight right to the source. Ask the bride and groom about the crucial info that you need to update yourself with so that you will be able to go through with your Seattle wedding photography shoot without a hitch at the end of the day.

Bring a wedding photography emergency kit with you during your photo shoots.

You never really know what will happen during a wedding and when it all comes down to it, the best thing that you can do is to just make sure that you are able to come in prepared no matter what happens. Come up with a small traveler’s pouch that has some stain remover, a few cotton balls, some pins, needles, threads, and so on and so forth. These are pretty basic everyday items but it will surprise you how handy and how useful they can turn out to be in case something happens during your wedding photography shoot. It will save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches if you have quick fixes for any fashion related issues during the wedding photography shoot so make sure that you are able to come in prepared all of the time.

Get a contract drawn up before you agree to provide a wedding photography service for your clients.

The contract should be something that is free from loopholes and should be something that is iron clad. You need something that will more or less get to protect you and your business from any possible lawsuits. A lot of things can happen during a wedding photography shoot and you need to make sure that you have contingencies set in place to protect your business all of the time.

Wedding Photography

What makes portraits different?

wedding photography tipsOne thing that is a huge part of wedding photography is the portrait taking bit. If you are able to get this but down pat, you are more or less guaranteed that everything else will follow through pretty smoothly thereafter. There are a few things you will need to take note of when it comes to taking portrait shots though. Contrary to what a lot of people think about it, portrait photography is so much different from just the regular selfies that people are so used to taking on the daily. For one, a portrait is something that does not show any appendages such as arms and legs being outstretched to hold out and click through the camera. More often than not, it is done by someone else or if you have to do it all by yourself, then you will need to make use of your timer option in your camera.

Average people are not really all that used to getting their portrait photos taken.

In order for your wedding photography to be effective, you have to take this into consideration. If your usual predilection is to go ahead and get the portrait shots taken in a studio setting or in a more or less formal or special setting, then you should try to rethink your options and try to go for something that is more natural and something that people will be more comfortable with in the first place.

The secret to great looking portrait photos is for you to make the people that you are taking photos of more comfortable with where they are. If they are feeling a bit awkward, it will really show in the photos that are being shot. Like our Cheshire photographer, you need to go out of your way to make them feel comfortable. Try to photograph them at home, or in an environment that is more relaxed, or that they are more familiar with. This way, they can do away with the awkwardness and the initial shyness knowing that they are in familiar turf when it all comes down to it.

Consider the angle when taking shots

If you are taking portrait shots if kids during your wedding photography shoot, you need to consider the angle that you are taking your shots from. Kids are shorter and are generally smaller than average sized adults. If you go ahead and shoot your photos from your normal standing height, it will make them feel even smaller and more fragile than they already look. You can’t play around and max out those superlatives during a wedding photography shoot.

Get down low

Don’t hesitate to get down low on the ground so that you will be able to take their portrait shots from their angle. This way, they appear slightly bigger and they will get to fill up most of the picture which is exactly how it should be when you are taking portrait shots for wedding photography. You can also feel free to crouch down a bit so that you will be able to get the angles just right without adjusting it too much.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsRAW is one of the most important file formats to wedding photographers out there.

They are something that basically promise the highest quality of photos available and at the end of the day, the quality of the photos will ultimately trump practically anything else and is something that goes above anything and everything else when it all comes down to it. The reason why this particular file format is so unique and so outstanding is because of the fact that it saves and retains all of the information of the images that are captured by the sensor of the camera the moment that the images are being taken or clicked through. You have to understand the fact that there is one down side to this though. Because of the fact that RAW files bring in the most complete information possible and because of the fact that nothing is ever edited out or cut short, it tends to eat up a lot of memory space. One way for you to be able to fix this would be for you to bring far more memory cards that you could ever use. Keep your memory cards wiped clean before and after every single use. Store them accordingly. Do not just stuff them in pockets or anything like that. There should be a designated spot or slot in your camera bag to get to store them in. at the end of the day, it is an extremely small price to pay compared to the kind of quality that you will be able to get out of the images that you take.

RAW files also offer out the highest levels of brightness for the images.

That is why Mallorca wedding photographers love them so much. Levels of brightness basically refer to the amount of steps that it will usually take to bring a certain image from black to white. What this means in technical terms is that the higher the levels of brightness turn out to be, the higher the quality of the photos is and the smoother the transition is in between color tones. This is something that proves to be extremely powerful because there are so many different options that you will be able to gain access to at some point or so. Just to help you more or less get things into perspective, JPEG files can only bring in about 256 levels of brightness whereas RAW files can bring in up to 16,000 levels of brightness or more. This is a tremendous amount of differences and something that wedding photographers out there really cannot take for granted at some point or so.

Another great thing about RAW files is the fact that they offer out the most non destructive way or editing available.

No matter what you do to RAW files, you can always more or less rely on the fact that it will always keep the original version of the file intact and left untouched no matter what you do to it and no matter how many file versions you bring in or make.

Wedding Photography

Primary and secondary camerawedding photography gear

The wedding photography niche can be a really expensive one to tackle but with the right perspective and with the right kind of preparation, it is something that you can easily achieve. If photography is something that you are extremely fond of and passionate about to the point wherein you are willing to take it a step further and actually launch a career out of it, then chances are, you may already have everything that you can possibly need to get you started. You basically need to start off with a high quality camera and a secondary one that is of fairly high quality as well. The reason why a second camera is such a necessity is because of the fact that you will need some kind of backup for your gear in the event that something happens to your main or primary camera one way or the other.

Assortment of lenses

Technically speaking, you will not really need a whole army of photography lenses to begin with, just enough to let you capture all of the shots that you will need to take. This is something that you will have to approach with caution one way or the other because of the fact that lenses are extremely expensive and the issue of finances is the most common one out there that a lot of people new wedding photography are struggling with. So, technically speaking, you will need to start off with two basic lenses: a telephoto lens and then a wide angle lens. A telephoto lens works great for those times wherein you need to take close-up shots but you do not have the luxury of being up close and you need to keep a respectable distance during moments like the actual wedding ceremony, the emotional speeches and so on and so forth. A wide angle lens will equip you in being able to take really great group photos without the embarrassing struggle of making them all fit into the lens’ view angle.

Memory cards and camera batteries

You will need an entire army of memory cards and batteries if you want to make sure that you have more than enough to cover you all throughout the time that you are filming your wedding photography Hampshire coverage. You should always work in the principle of twos. You need twice the amount of memory space that you think you will be using and you also need two or more extra batteries per camera.


A tripod is one of the most important accessories that you will ever get your hands on. It can provide you with enough stability and support particularly during those moments where in you will have to shoot in low light settings. The issue with filming with low light is the fact that the camera automatically adjusts its shutter speed and slows it intentionally causing some unnecessary vibrations in the process. This can be exacerbated when you hold the camera by hand. That is why having a tripod set in place can be extremely helpful in getting the smoothest and the most stable quality of photos that you can ever get your hands on one way or the other.