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wedding photography tipsContract

An expert wedding photographer will always make sure that there is a contract drawn up for every wedding photography job. You should be wise enough to do the same thing. What you will need to understand the fact that at the end of the day, a wedding photography job order request is pretty much a legal transaction on its own. It is no different from having to bid out a certain business transaction. Therefore, the most efficient and the wisest way to go about with it is to make sure that you really get everything laid out in paper. This should give you and the clients something to check out or something to review.

A contract should be something that can protect you and your business, mitigate your risks and liabilities, and at the same time protect your clients as well. This is a bit of a delicate balance to have to manage at some point and that is why you should not attempt to just hammer out a contract all by yourself. You can do the initial draft but you need to make sure that at some point in time, you get to have a lawyer review the document and proofread it as well. Make sure that the contract is foolproof and iron clad. You should also make sure that when a client does sign it, you get to produce three copies. The first copy is basically for the client. The second copy is for you. The third copy is for safekeeping in case anything happens.

Plan sequence

Plan out your sequence of events well ahead of time and include the bride and the groom when it comes to building up this particular kind of timeline. After all, a wedding photographer should not miss out on any important moments during the wedding event. This is something that you would have to go over with in detail with your clients. You seriously need to really sit down and discuss this at length with the bride and with the groom one way or the other. It is important for you to have a sort of macro view of things because this is the only way for you to be able to pre-plan how you position yourself and in order for you to be able to commit to all of the important shots that you would need to take. The last thing that you would like to have at the end of the coverage would be an argument with the bride and groom about how you were unable to keep up with your part of the deal. Avoid the uncomfortable situation at all costs and plan ahead instead.

Emergency kit

A wedding photographer hull should always be prepared for the wedding day event and that includes even the little accidents that may happen in between. Have an emergency kit available at all times. Have some sticky tape, some stain remover, some pins, as well as a classy and decorative hanger to hang the bridal dress from during the getting ready phase. It pays to have a little go-to box of little quick fixes for anything and everything that can happen during a busy and crazy day like a wedding day.

Wedding Photography

  1. wedding photography tipsThey do not take care of their equipment or gear.

Wedding photographers should understand the fact that their gear is one of their most prized possessions and should take very precious care of their gear. Not all wedding photographers understand this though but as a newcomer to the industry, this is one of the basics that should be understood by one and all. You need to clean up your cameras after every use. Invest in great cleaning kits because this will make your gear last for a long time and that’s what you should be going for if you want to be in business for a long time.

  1. They do not go through the motions of properly backing up their images and safely storing them.

This should be the kind of habit that you need to get into after every single gig. Memory cards are absolutely notorious for getting corrupted or for corrupting the files that you get to save in them and that is why it is not advisable to keep your images in them for a prolonged period of time. Get a pair or so of external hard drives or some other forms of memory bank that lets you save your images in bulk. You can start off with a couple or so of flash drives if the external hard drive proves to be too much of an investment for you in the beginning.

  1. They do not bother to visit the wedding venues or locations a few days ahead of time.

Although this is amenably not a requirement for professional photographers, this is something that should be done in order to prep up for the event accordingly. Visiting the wedding venue well ahead of time will make you more familiar with the place so that you know all of the best spots to photograph during the actual wedding day. This will also enable to you be able to better position yourself so that you do not have to have those awkward moments wherein you are trying to figure out where you should be planting your tripod in once the guests start coming in for the wedding event.

  1. They shoot too many pictures per person and end up trashing most of the files that they shoot.

Due to the somewhat unlimited memory space liberties brought on by technology, wedding photographers in general seem to be under the impression that they can take as much photos as they can just because they can. The best rule to follow here would be to take three clicks per frame and that should be it. Keep it minimal so you don’t have to worry too much about trashing too many shots.

  1. They do not learn how to edit their own photos.

You want to invest in a high quality photo editing software and you might want to teach yourself or get some classes so you can learn how to edit the photos professionally. This is what our wedding photographer essex did. You want to learn the basics so you can go about this quickly and efficiently.