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When Your Photo Booth Fails to Come

Surrey photo booth hireThere are a lot of situations that can lead to this. Maybe your Surrey photo booth hire has failed to show up. Maybe they canceled the contract hours the day before your wedding. What should you do then?

Below, we’ve provided some quick idea you can use to create your own photo booth. Although they won’t function perfectly like a photo booth does, they do shouts out a creative mood and still spread the fun of a photo booth!

And without wasting your time, here you go!

iPad Photo booth

This is one the easiest idea to go. Find yourself a nice spot around the wedding venue. You know, that gorgeous tree on the background, or splendid view as the backdrop.

Next, prop a table or a banner to put your iPad on. Set it in camera mode with Wi-Fi directly connecting it to the wedding hall. You definitely want to keep this thing charged and have someone else keep an eye on it.

Now, the connection will let the pictures to directly show up on the computer in the wedding hall. You can then set the pictures to be shown as slideshows as the guests wait for the party to start at the designated time.

You can prepare some unique scarfs or accessories as props. As I’ve mentioned before, have someone watch over the ‘photo booth’ location.

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Frame booth

If you cannot create a booth, then make some frames! You can use real frames that are hung down from trees if you like it outdoor or standing if you want. There are a lot of unique frames you can use, and for the camera, you use the iPad idea or get a second shooter to cover for the booth.

Minivan photo booth

Another creative idea is to use a minivan to shoot it. Imagine that van as a photo booth and start decorating like crazy. There are a lot of ideas you can find on the internet and many of them are quick and easy to do.

For the pictures, you can use the iPad idea again and have it connected to the slideshows. You can also tell the guests that if they want the pictures, you can send the file to them.

Wall of good wishes

What about using congratulations messages as the background? Put up a black wall and provide chalk for the guests to write with. As more people come, the wall will become even more decorated with happy wishes and lovely encouragement for you to begin your new life!

You don’t like black and white? Then go with a while wall instead and let them write in colorful markers on the wall! There are a lot of variety and design you can play with this one if your Surrey photo booth hire doesn’t show up.

We really hope that your photo booth will show up and that everything will go as planned, but just in case, you know, a backup will never hurt!